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01 | About DeanHouston+

DeanHouston was founded on nothing. Zero. Nada. No money, no connections. Some would say Dale Dean, Greg Houston and Pam Houston were crazy. And there might be a hint of truth to that.

But what these three saw was an underserved segment in the marketing world. B2B was long considered the ugly cousin to the super-sexy consumer market. Yet these businesses had the same need: to effectively communicate their message and change the buying behavior of their target customers.

Quickly, the trio found that unlike companies that make soft drinks or tennis shoes, industrial manufacturers can have very complicated products, often with a very complicated sales cycle. The only way to effectively champion these brands would be to completely commit to the B2B space.

Today, DeanHouston does what few, if any, other agencies can do: we become experts in all the things that are important to helping you reach your objectives. We become totally immersed in your brand, your industry, your customers, and your competition.

We have deep tribal knowledge of the industries we serve that, quite frankly, no one else has. Are we being cocky? Nah. But just like Dale, Greg and Pam so many years ago, we know we’re the best at what we do, and we believe you’re going to love the results.

02 | Our Approach+

Write something with your opposite hand. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Now, think about the last time you tried a completely new meal at a restaurant. And finally, try to remember how you felt at your first job interview. So what the heck does any of this have to do with B2B marketing?


Doing things a different way. Being brave. Making every possible effort to make a personal, human connection. This is what DeanHouston can do for you.

We create meaningful communication strategies designed to intrigue, excite, and invite conversation. Sometimes the solutions are straightforward. Sometimes they’re really out there. But they always serve your objectives. Otherwise, what’s the point? We’ve had many of our clients for more than two decades. So what’s our secret? We call it marketing from the inside out.

Here’s a little peek behind the DeanHouston curtain.

We jump in the pool.

We don’t stick our toe in the water. We go all-in to completely immerse ourselves in your brand and your industry. We get to know your products. We tour your facilities. We read the pubs. We go to the trade shows. Boring and technical? Not to us.

We ignore our first instincts.

More of the same leads to more of the same. If our creativity becomes a routine process, our solutions become uninspired. As we challenge ourselves, we’ll ask you to reexamine everything that is sacred to your business. Being too close to your brand can desensitize you. It can make you numb. Fresh perspectives throw cold water on the face of assumption.

We don’t sugarcoat.

We get inside your business. We look in the corners and under the rugs. We’re not cheerleaders for your brand. We’re advocates. We’re your brand’s best friend. If we see something amiss, we’re going to tell you, right to your face. We think this kind of open and honest relationship is the only way to go, and we believe it earns us the right to celebrate your success.

We help you radiate from within.

Your culture is the heart of your business, pumping lifeblood to every extremity of your brand experience. Part of our approach is to help infuse your brand essence deeply and permanently into all those who touch it. They have to internalize it. They have to embody it. If they don’t believe in your brand, why should anyone else?

Let’s get to work.

At DeanHouston, our process is bone simple: understand the brand as if it were our own; craft a relevant, powerful and engaging story and use it to forge lasting, meaningful relationships. This is what we do. It’s what we live and breathe.

We’re ready. Are you?

03 | Our Services+

At our core, we’re storytellers.

Our total immersion approach allows us to effectively manage the complexities of your business, your audience and your message with a wide range of tactical and technical proficiencies.

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5th Year Logo

Inc. 5000

DeanHouston earned a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies for the fifth consecutive year. DeanHouston was the only Ohio business to make the list five consecutive years in the advertising and marketing category in 2016.

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DeanHouston has earned a spot on the Cincinnati Business Courier's Fast 55 in three separate years.

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