Creating Enduring Value at the DeanHouston+ Retreat 2021

Creating long-lasting partnerships and value are two of the roots that have helped DeanHouston+ grow over the years, so much so that we chose Enduring Value for the theme of our 2021 company retreat. But what does Enduring Value mean to us? Find out by watching the following videos from this year’s DeanHouston+ retreat, where we spent time away from the office to explore what Enduring Value means to us – both as a company and as individuals.

Retreat Kickoff
Are we being good ancestors? Dale Dean, Founder and CEO of DeanHouston+, explores the nuances of stewardship in his opening address during our DH+ retreat last month, definitively laying out how businesses can build longevity – and a positive legacy.

Cause Marketing
What is cause marketing, and how does it create value? Our DeanHouston+ moderators and nonprofit panelists discussed corporate social responsibility, passion projects and more in our educational retreat round table. 

Influencer Marketing
Are you more likely to purchase a product if your best friend recommends it to you? In this educational retreat panel, our marketing experts discussed the value of trust and credibility when utilizing influencers in your marketing strategy.

Digital Selling
When sales and marketing teams come together, great things happen. During this education session, our DeanHouston+ panelists discussed the importance of collaborating to create a successful customer experience. Listen to learn more about an empathetic buyer journey!

To learn more about DeanHouston+ and how we can help create Enduring Value for your business, please contact us today.

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