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Fueling Up the eCommerce Experience


Source North America is the leading distributor of fueling equipment solutions in a continent that represents the world’s largest fueling equipment market. In the beginning, the company set out to enhance its online system by introducing a full-fledged, direct-to-end-user e-commerce solution, with the goal of being the bona fide, easiest-to-use, online ordering system in the fueling equipment industry. Early on, the site failed to meet Source’s high expectations. For Source executives, it was a real head scratcher! The sluggish response wasn’t because customers didn’t want to buy online. Nor was it because competitors were not seeking to do the same. So, what was the problem?


Our first step was to conduct an in-depth assessment of Source’s e-commerce platform and to identify potential weaknesses believed to be impacting the site’s search engine visibility. We then developed a plan tied to three objectives: vastly improving search results, driving traffic to the e-commerce site, continually improving relevant metrics. From there, DeanHouston+ created a comprehensive digital platform and promotional plan that included: Source’s ability to measure and correlate its investment to revenue and customer acquisition, targeted Pay Per Click (PPC) AdWords strategy, and more robust analytics. Finally, we developed a long-term automated communication strategy to acquire and nurture new customers.


The results speak for themselves. With a 114% increase in monthly active users in a one-year period and a 283% increase in monthly active users acquired from pure organic traffic, the investment paid off in a big way.

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