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Continually Improving Conference Management


Every year, one of Dover Corporation’s business segments hosts a conference to promote continuous improvement within its operating companies. Dover considers the event one of its most important of the year with more than 600 global attendees representing all four business segments. Since the conference is all about Continuous Improvement, Dover executives expect each to be better than the year before. We’re grateful for the challenges Dover puts before us and are confident in our abilities to meet and consistently exceed its expectations.


While some agencies can do marketing and some can do events, DeanHouston+ does both. We were able to weave strong, relevant themes and key messages throughout videos, presentations, keynote sessions, teambuilding events, workshops, awards, and so much more. Our team gives 110% commitment to every event. This commitment is complemented with meticulous planning, skilled logistics project managers, exceptional creative and design talent, as well as onsite videographers capturing every event moment, in real-time, for viewing and reinforcing the daily experiences of the attendees that same day. This is total immersion in action – an expression we speak of often; an attribute that differentiates us from other B2B marketing agencies.


Beyond creating a great event, we created a positive, memorable experience. In fact, Dover paid us what is perhaps the greatest compliment of all: immediately securing our services for follow-up conferences.

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