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The Driving Force Behind the Drive Clean Campaign


PDQ Manufacturing has been helping car wash operators achieve their business objectives since 1984. From cutting-edge technological advances to local distributor support across the globe, PDQ is the only manufacturer providing true end-to-end support. While PDQ has created untold “ah-ha!” moments for their customers, they didn’t feel they were effectively communicating their story in a digital way. This critical introspective assessment was the impetus for a collaborative meeting with DeanHouston+. The challenge: How best to “digitally tell” their impressive story!


DeanHouston+ led a creative session where participants shared stories of solutions and success. Feeling the power of these collective stories, the team concluded that an anchor video was needed to knit together these smaller stories and bring this heretofore untapped power to life. DeanHouston+ went to work crafting a script that would allow viewers to feel the story’s impact through relatable characters. Filmed over a summer week in Wisconsin, the Drive Clean anchor story video became the central piece for a new campaign that blends storytelling and advertising across digital and print channels. It doesn’t just tell a story; it shows it.


The Drive Clean campaign launched at the PEI Convention at the NACS Show in Chicago, Illinois. Customers from all over the world got a first look at the Drive Clean video, which received excellent feedback during the weeklong trade show. The video sparked a renewed sense of companywide pride and immediately became a go-to sales tool for the PDQ team. The result: a fresh method of storytelling. A laser focus on digital delivery.

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