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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Lays the Foundation for a $250,000 Sale


Ideas were pouring out like concrete from a cement mixer during a marketing strategy session with Somero Enterprises, the worldwide leader in concrete leveling. Due to its strong position in the industry, a brand awareness campaign would be ill-advised, a waste of money, and, thus, off the table. The focus, instead, would need to be on its new large product line. The challenge? If contractors needed a product that large, they likely already had one.


In our collaborative assessment, DeanHouston+ and Somero determined the main differentiator of its product to be durability – an attribute that has served its customers well for more than 20 years.

Through Somero’s first-ever marketing automation initiative, DeanHouston+ targeted contractors using a three-tier email campaign. Tier 1 focused on the large product line and its benefits. Tier 2 provided specific information relevant to purchasing the product. Of particular note, this included a custom-built calculator comparing the ROI for buying vs. renting. And finally, Tier 3 showcased a customer testimonial and a direct link to a landing page. Once on the landing page, visitors received a coupon for free training classes at the Somero Concrete Institute.


41% Open RateThe campaign had an immediate impact and was credited for the $250,000 sale of a S-15R Laser Screed. In addition to the sale, the campaign metrics were impressive. Somero earned a 41% open rate, nearly double the industry average. Additionally, the 14% click-through rate was 4 times the industry average at the time. The campaign had an enduring and positive impact, with two additional sales that were attributable to the campaign.

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