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The Power of Unification and the Birth of a Brand


Imagine you have eight world-class brands, each leading the industry in the niche markets they serve. Each has a rich legacy and distinct personality. You need to corral them into one master brand, but they have to maintain their own identities. Within Dover, this group of independent pump brands, each dominating their respective markets, needed to be brought together to leverage synergies and create a unified force greater than the sum of the individual parts. We needed to give PSG, this virgin brand, meaning, an essence, and a visual identity—one that would inspire confidence and feel instantly mature.


After a deep assessment, we learned that these different brands shared common core values. We determined that bringing them together at this fundamental cultural level would allow us to form a cohesive parent brand. Thus began an epic journey to create a dual brand strategy for the Pump Solutions Group (PSG) and its growing portfolio of pump technology brands. A visual system was created that gave the PSG brand a singular identity, while allowing each pump brand to maintain the unique personalities and voices that made them so relevant within their niche segments.


From concept to rollout in just 12 months, PSG experienced exponential growth in market presence, market share, and most importantly, in revenues. Ultimately, PSG is now a powerhouse brand unto itself, with a portfolio of niche-dominant pump technologies.

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