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How to Turn 1 Interview Into 27 Published Articles


If you’re lucky enough to be involved in the exciting world of pump manufacturing, you already know that differentiating your brand from the competition can be a challenge. And this challenge can be even more difficult when your budget is tight, and you don’t have the resources to employ a fully staffed marketing department that knows the industry as well as you. So, how exactly then do you go about disseminating your sales message to the masses in the most cost-effective manner possible?

This was the very challenge that Blackmer® – a developer of positive displacement sliding vane, screw and centrifugal pumps – faced when they were looking to improve visibility and performance in the Liquid Storage Terminals market.


Working with DeanHouston+, Blackmer crafted a content-marketing strategy that employed a variety of marketing assets – case studies, success-story videos, advertisements, press releases, eBlasts, social media posts, newsletter articles and whitepapers – all built around a single case study with Blackmer end user Seeler Industries. By employing this strategy, the marketing campaign was not only very cost efficient, but it was also extremely effective in trumpeting the features and benefits of the Blackmer brand while establishing the company as a thought leader in the industry.


Over a four-year period, the publicity generated from the single interview with Seeler Industries resulted in 27 feature articles in various trade publications. Using the common ad-equivalency metric as a way to measure the economic impact of free editorial coverage, the 27 article placements amounted to more than $540,000 worth of unpaid editorial exposure for Blackmer. And, more importantly, the marketing campaign helped increase Blackmer sales in the Liquid Terminals market, with six-figure orders for pumps from terminal operators in the United States, Russia, Asia and Europe.

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