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Adventures Abound – A Chat with DeanHouston+’s Maggie Carrino

Having good energy, a positive outlook and a willingness to try new things are great qualities in any person. For many, these things can also serve as a launching pad for countless personal and professional accomplishments and many fun experiences.

Such is the case with Maggie Carrino, media planner/buyer at DeanHouston+.

From her upbringing near Cincinnati to nearly going to law school, moving out west and possessing a love for animals so unrivaled that it once led to an unwittingly dangerous frolic with an otherwise docile jackass (more on that later), the avid hiker and diehard Reds fan is no stranger to exciting adventures.

As the latest guest in our DeanHouston+ Employee Spotlight Series, we visited with Maggie to talk about the role she enjoys at DH+, her love of travel and a surprising aversion to donuts.

Let’s roll.

DH+: Welcome to your spotlight Mags! Let’s kick it off with your background, aanndd go!
MC: I grew up in Taylor Mill, KY, which is right outside of Covington. I attended Scott High School – go Eagles! While in high school, I worked at Starbucks and I’m still working through my caffeine addiction almost nine years later. I have a bachelor’s in political science and international studies with a minor in history from Northern Kentucky University. While there, I met my partner, Nick, who I’ve been with for the last five years. We have a cat named Zelda who we found in a trashcan on the streets of Covington and a puppy named Beans who we just adopted when we made the move to Colorado Springs, CO. I love to hike, camp and drink craft beer!

DH+: What drew you to DH+ and what do you enjoy about working here?
MC: I really didn’t know what I wanted to do after I left college to be completely honest. The original plan was to go to law school, but another three years of school sounded horrendous after just graduating. My dad is a good friend of our owner Dale Dean, so I started as an intern with DH+ in August of 2018. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I fell in love instantly and became a full-time employee in January 2019! The people here are incredible, and even though I felt like a lost kid at first, it didn’t last long at all. I’ve felt supported from day one. The work we do here has been so rewarding and fulfilling. And the culture makes it that much better. I’ve made lifelong friends here at DH+.

DH+: Working as a media planner, how important do you think it is for B2B brands to have an active media presence as part of their marketing strategy, and why?
MC: Phew! This is a loaded question! At a high level – media is imperative to all marketing plans, whether it be for B2B or B2C. We make it our priority to help clients meet their overall objectives and goals by employing a variety of tactics. Media has the unique ability to meet audiences where they already are and partner with trusted sources. We can shift and pivot any marketing plan at any time – keeping up with the high demands of our clients is where we thrive.

DH+: What was the most fun, rewarding or surprising project you’ve worked on in your time at DH+?
MC: This one is tough to answer since there have been so many, but I would say working on Unified Brands has been my most rewarding experience. They were the first client I handled completely solo, and it has been nothing but fun. Everyone that works on the Unified Brands account is a joy to work with, both internally and at Unified Brands itself. Unified Brands was acquired a little bit ago, but decided to keep working with us due to our Platinum Plus service. I feel lucky every day that I get to work on such an amazing team.

DonkeyDH+: Shifting gears for a second – and speaking of amazing – you ran into an angry donkey that was stomping about at the last company retreat. What exactly happened there?
MC: Soooo…I’m a bit of an animal lover. Doesn’t matter if it’s a puppy or a weird bug, so when I saw that there was a donkey at the retreat, I knew I had to pet it. Regardless of the “DO NOT PET OR FEED ANIMALS” sign on the fence. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way why that sign was there. The donkey immediately took a bite out of my hand. Nonetheless, I continued talking to the donkey all night, trying to make him my friend. But in the end, I was only left with a broken heart and a bruised hand.

DH+: You recently moved to Colorado. How has that transition been from the Midwest? What do you miss about living there?
MC: The transition has been a little hard, not going to lie. I’m very social and love human interaction, so working remotely full-time has been an adjustment. However, I’ve always wanted to move, and Colorado seemed like a great place to start! My partner, Nick, got an amazing job opportunity that he couldn’t pass up. We are also big hikers and campers, so we are living it up out here! We also just adopted a pup, Beans, who we adore. We take him on all our adventures. He’s been the perfect addition to our little family, even if the cat beats him up a few times a day.

Also, I spent the last 3 years living in the heart of Covington, KY, and I fell in love with it. I’m so happy that DH+ made the decision to move there. It’s such an amazing community. I can’t wait to come back and visit! #LoveTheCov

DH+: So, you’re a fan of traveling then? Any favorite places you’ve been? What’s a bucket list destination for you?
MC: Absolutely! My favorite place so far has been St. Thomas in the Caribbean. The beaches are absolutely beautiful and the island is rich with history. However, I really want to visit Italy. My Nona (grandmother) grew up in a small beach town about two hours east of Rome so I absolutely must visit!

DH+: Alrighty, we’re trading our famous word association segment for a new one this time. Congrats, you’re the first contestant. Pick one or the other, with a sentence defending your choice.
MC: Go for it!

DH+: Donuts or Cookies:
MC: Cookies. I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth as it is and I think donuts are just tooooo sweet.

DH+: Bob Seger or John Mellencamp:
MC: Bob Seger. I honestly had to research this one. Can I pick Johnny Cash instead?

DH+: Petrology or Ornithology:
MC: Ornithology, but what about dinosaurs? Dinosaurs are just fascinating to me! I’ve also watched Jurassic Park about 100 times just to see Jeff Goldblum.

DH+: At a bar – karaoke or watching the game:
MC: Karaoke. My karaoke skills are superior! Watch the retreat videos for proof.

DH+: Reds or Rockies:
MC: Redlegs, baby! I won’t ever abandon my home team, even if they are in last place.

DH+: Using an old version of the team’s name, nice! Thanks for your time, Mags!

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