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There’s Never Enough Cowbell: DeanHouston Spotlight on Ian Murray

From St. Louis to Indianapolis to Cincinnati, Ian Murray knows a thing or three about Midwest living (though how he became a Boston sports fan is another story.) But the depth of knowledge and interests he possesses goes far beyond the places he’s lived.

As a member of the DeanHouston Demand Generation team, he knows the values of teamwork, communication, and tenacity – things that he applies to everything he does, which isn’t lost on his coworkers.

“Ian is incredibly diligent,” said DeanHouston Demand Generation Manager Chris McCormick. “He works his ass off and is great at finding answers and developing new insights that help our clients.”

Additionally, Ian puts his penchants for being amicably sociable and immersed in the moment to important use in his daily work, hobbies and pastimes, which may or may not include a promising side gig as a master cowbellist.

But while the fun he has with his team generates many laughs, it’s his forward-thinking and analytical nature that earns him well-deserved pats on the back. “He’s always looking at what’s on the horizon,” McCormick adds. “He carries this infectious attitude of ‘what’s next and what’s new’ that is really admirable.”

We hung out with Mr. Murray recently to discuss all the above and a lot more. Without further cowbell, here we go.

DH: Welcome, Ian! Thanks for your time today. Let’s kick this off with some background. Fire away.
IM: I grew up in St. Louis and then went to Butler University in Indianapolis. Upon graduating, I moved to Cincinnati and worked at a B2B marketing firm before coming to DeanHouston. In high school, I worked a variety of random jobs like retail clothing, restaurants, and umpiring.

DH: What drew you to DeanHouston and what are your favorite things about working here?
IM: One of my roommates in college has an older sister who used to work at DeanHouston. She is, of course, beloved and was able to help get my foot in the door here! I think my favorite part of working here is how easy everyone is to communicate with. In previous places, I have always found certain people to be standoffish and unfriendly, which is not something I’ve experienced at DeanHouston. I enjoy being a very social person, so this is a big positive for me.

DH: Past or present funny coworker story(s). And go….
IM: Currently there are a few coworkers who are charging per “fake golf swing” that they witness in the office (laughs), it’s adding up quick – I’m going to owe them a lunch soon (laughs). It has resulted in me having to do a quick look to see who is watching before taking any swing. Unfortunately, it hasn’t helped my golf game much.

DH: Walk us through a typical day in the life of a demand gen specialist at DeanHouston.
IM: I think this one is dependent on the day/week, but normally it revolves around making sure all my reporting is taken care of, then planning out the rest of the week with any new projects or client requests that come in. Certain days are easier to plan out, but there are a lot of times when something comes up unexpectedly.

DH: We finished our company-wide retreat in Covington back in September, your first with the DeanHouston team. What were your thoughts on the event?
IM: I really enjoyed it! Getting to know everyone from the other locations was something I was looking forward to, so I am glad I was able to capitalize on that as much as I could. I thought there was a good mix of professional and fun activities that really allowed personalities to show through that I wouldn’t have seen in a normal work setting, which was really fun. I also learned I have a solid fallback option in cowbell playing – karaoke maybe not so much.

DH: What are your short and long-term goals, both personally and professionally?
IM: My short-term goals revolve around continuing to develop my relationships with clients and coworkers and taking on new accounts and responsibilities. There are opportunities to grow every day; taking advantage of them is very important to me.

In the long term, I want to continue to build my leadership and management skills, as well as increase my position within the company. When looking at long-term goals, it is easier for me to visualize them by breaking them down into much more manageable short-term goals. Client relations, ownership of tasks, and strong communication are all goals I work towards to benefit longer-term plans.

DH: Any hobbies or personal activities you enjoy doing in your spare time?
IM: I play a lot of volleyball! I also like to cook, hike, golf, and watch and attend sporting events.

DH: Speaking of sports, you’re from the ‘Lou, and went to college in Indy, so how’d you become a fan of Boston sports teams?
IM: Both my parents are from the Boston area. They lived in Wellesley, MA for a long time. I don’t really think I had an option to not become a Boston sports fan (laughs.) Not that I’m complaining. Any St. Louis vs. Boston series in sports was always interesting while living in Missouri, to say the least.

DH: You’re a big music guy. Give us the rundown: who’s on your current playlist/concert list?
IM: Oh man, this is a tough one. Rappers like Conway the Machine, Freddie Gibbs, Isaiah Rashad, and JID are always in my rotation. A lot of it depends on my mood or where I am at. Normally at work, I’ll have classical music playing, or something slower like Norah Jones, James Blake, or Jack Johnson. However, I love classical, alternative, and indie rock as well. My Spotify-wrapped list is normally all over the place.

DH: Random word association time. What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of the following?

Hinkle Fieldhouse: Underrated
Halloween: Overrated
Bill Belichick: GOAT
Barf bags on planes: Been there, not fun
Super glue: Delicious
Chocolate pudding: Not as delicious

Thanks for spending some time with us, Ian, and for all the great work you do here at DeanHouston!

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