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The Top Benefits of Utilizing Alternative Trade Show Solutions

As in-person trade shows across the world continue to be canceled due to COVID-19, many sales teams are left searching for creative alternatives to get in front of their customers and gather leads. One solution that is gaining in popularity is the virtual trade show. What is a Virtual Trade Show? It’s an industry event […]



Inspire Podcast: Episode 9 | Focusing on Humans in B2B Marketing

In this episode of the Dh+ INSPIRE podcast, DeanHouston’s Colton Stombaugh, Director of Digital Marketing, and Ron Gerlach, Marketing Director, sit down with Brian Siegel, Global Executive Marketing Director at Standex, to discuss how empathy is essential when marketing technical products to humans.

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The Return of the Trade Show Industry

It’s no surprise that the trade show industry has taken a pretty big hit this year. The stroke of bad luck is on its way out, though, and the trade show industry is rising to the occasion and will be better than before. To learn more about the magnitude of COVID-19’s impact on the industry […]


Inspire Podcast: Episode 8 | Preparing Your Team to Thrive in Any Conditions

All successful organizations need effective leaders. With the right leadership, a business will achieve more in just about every aspect of its operation. But what does it take to be an effective leader? In the latest episode of the INSPIRE podcast, DeanHouston’s Colton Stombaugh, Director of Digital Marketing, and Dale Dean, CEO, sit down with […]

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Navigating Experiential Marketing During COVID-19

The spread of coronavirus has caused event cancellations worldwide, leaving the experiential marketing industry with no other option than to adapt to a new world of remote work and social distancing. While pivoting and adapting to new processes can be difficult, we have found that turbulence brings new opportunities, especially in experiential marketing. Experiential marketing, […]

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Clarity, Not Content, Is King

Whenever somebody says they want to ameliorate a situation, it usually means one thing. They really hope you don’t know what ameliorate means. Instead of trying to appear smart to your audience, be clear with them. Clarity is important in any form of communication, whether that’s marketing, public speaking or trying to win an argument with a […]

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The Beauty (and Usefulness) of Data Visualization

Picture a detective in an old-timey TV show. He arrives on the scene – sporting a fedora and trench coat – and all the local police are stumped. Guided by no clues or evidence, he decides to pursue someone as a primary suspect. Why? Because he has a hunch. If you pull back to reality, […]

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Inspire Podcast: Episode 6 | Scientific Thinking and Inclusive Planning During COVID Reopening

During these unique and trying times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are getting strategic, implementing a safe, episodic, and inclusive reopening plan. DeanHouston is no exception, as we’ve spent a considerable amount of time working, planning, and preparing to get our team back into the office in the safest way possible. To ensure […]

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Inspire Podcast: Episode 7 | Taking Action to Uplift Your Community – Wisdom From a Young Founder

In this episode of the INSPIRE podcast, DeanHouston’s Colton Stombaugh, Director of Digital Marketing, and Dana Arrasmith, General Manager of Nashville, sit down with 15-year- old entrepreneur Tanya Keskar, to discuss her new nonprofit organization, Realize to Act. To learn more, watch our latest episode of the INSPIRE podcast.

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How Signage Provides Much-Needed Structure for our Reopening

After months of working from home, businesses are slowly beginning to transition their employees back to an office environment. While adjusting to new routines, teams must quickly adapt to new safety protocols and social distancing guidelines in order to be safe around others. Because it is up to employees to comply with these new rules, […]


INSPIRE Podcast: Aligning Your Brand With Your Company Culture

In the latest episode of the INSPIRE podcast, DeanHouston’s Colton Stombaugh, Director of Digital Marketing, and Ron Gerlach, Marketing Director, sit down with Chris West from Nexigen to discuss everything from the company’s humble beginnings, all-things IT, and the valuable role that aligning internal culture with marketing efforts plays in business for Nexigen. To see more episodes […]

DeanHouston's New INSPIRE Webpage


Announcing the New INSPIRE Webpage

We created the DH+ INSPIRE Newsletter to spread marketing inspiration and to educate and enlighten you with a variety of marketing solutions and topics. The newsletter has grown into a much larger INSPIRE initiative, being delivered to you via blogs, podcasts and videos. To help make it easier to find all of our INSPIRE content in […]

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