INSPIRE Podcast: Episode 20 | Denise Rice – The Future of Manufacturing

In the sixth episode of DH+ INSPIRE’s Women Transforming Manufacturing series, we had the pleasure to sit down with Denise Rice, President/Founder of Peak Performance and Director of the Tennessee Manufacturers Association. During the episode, we discuss Denise’s impressive and extensive background while chatting about her progression throughout her time in the manufacturing industry – including what drew her to the industry and her thoughts on the future of manufacturing. From engineering to business development, there isn’t much Denise hasn’t dealt with when it comes to manufacturing.

Along the way, we cover what has changed in manufacturing since the COVID-19 pandemic hit and how some of these changes are for the better. We also discuss what being a leader in the industry means to Denise and how her roots in engineering have helped guide her along the way.

Whether you’re a leader in manufacturing or you’re just looking to learn more about the industry, you’ll want to tune in for this episode as we cover the following:

  • The challenges of adapting and implementing new processes and procedures after COVID-19.
  • The importance of problem-solving in manufacturing.
  • Why encouraging and committing to microlearning is so essential to keeping up with the trends, staying relevant, and closing the skills gap.
  • How the pandemic has introduced “industry 4.0” and what that means for manufacturing.
  • The future of the manufacturing industry and how technology and manufacturing jobs will coincide.

To connect with Denise, you can visit her LinkedIn here. To learn more about Peak Performance, visit For more about the Tennessee Manufacturers Association, please visit

Women Transforming Manufacturing is a regular podcast and video series dedicated to highlighting and celebrating the women who are helping drive innovation, setting leadership standards, and achieving incredible business results in the world of manufacturing. Follow us on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts to stay on top of the inspiring conversations we have coming soon!

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