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Protection On The Frontlines: COVID-19 Face Shields

In an effort to support the medical and manufacturing community, DeanHouston and Exhibit Logistics (DeanHouston’s trade show division) have shifted production, manufacturing and logistics capabilities to get frontline providers the PPE needed to help America fight against COVID-19. With decades of experience in custom event displays, our team of craftsmen have acquired the supplies and engineered the processes needed to manufacture CDC-compliant face shields in a safe, sanitary and reliable manner.

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 2.12.51 PMThe face shields are designed to provide additional protection for those who are working in close proximity to one another. Constructed using lightweight materials approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the face shields provide maximum facial coverage (from forehead to below the neckline) without sacrificing wearer visibility or impeding communication. Additional features include:

  • Forehead guard with thin-gauge, flexible PVC outer shell and soft-foam insert
  • Back of head strap with one-size-fits-all adjustable Velcro design for long wear and maximum comfort
  • Assembled using CDC-compliant process in private facility
  • CDC-Compliant COVID-19 Face Shields

As a way to do more, for every ten shields we produce for a client, DeanHouston will donate one shield to those caring for others or in need: i.e. healthcare organizations, nurses, care-givers, nursing homes and retirement communities.

To learn more, view the DeanHouston Face Shield Flyer.

To place an order for your company, please contact your DeanHouston account/marketing manager or Tyler Houston at 740-646-2914 and

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