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The Top Benefits of Utilizing Alternative Trade Show Solutions

As in-person trade shows across the world continue to be canceled due to COVID-19, many sales teams are left searching for creative alternatives to get in front of their customers and gather leads. One solution that is gaining in popularity is the virtual trade show.

What is a Virtual Trade Show?
It’s an industry event conducted using various platforms in an online environment where trade show exhibitors and attendees connect with each other on the web rather than in-person. Virtual trade shows often include a virtual exhibition hall where exhibitors give presentations to attendees in the same manner that they would present at a typical trade show.

Benefits of Virtual Trade Shows
There are many benefits to utilizing virtual trade shows, one being that virtual trade shows provide the opportunity to showcase products to anyone, anywhere, while taking advantage of interactive features such as live chat, Q&A, webinars, webcasts, and more. They are easy and safe to attend and they have been proven to attract a wide range of diverse attendees similar to the ones that frequent more traditional face-to-face events.

Another benefit to virtual trade shows is that they provide the ability to track attendees. By going virtual, you can see what attendees are interested in, as well as such factors as how each attendee found the show, how long they interacted with the event, and what questions were asked. This is great information to have when it comes to fostering the lead-nurturing campaigns that will be formulated as a direct result of the virtual show.

Exhibit Logistics is Here to Help
Ready to get started with your virtual trade show or another trade show alternative? Exhibit Logistics has got you covered and can help you deliver a customized customer experience with alternative trade show solutions like a virtual trade show or a trade show in a box. With these streamlined alternative trade show solutions, you can receive:

  • Expert remote coaching and production direction
  • Professional audio-video production
  • Full-service marketing and exposure support
  • Participant management and result-driven analysis
  • Email and social media marketing
  • Lead generation and tracking services
  • Continual data analysis and recommendations

Learn more about how you can showcase your products to anyone, anywhere, safely by bringing an alternative trade show directly to your consumers, anytime, with the help of our full-service marketing and trade show production teams by contacting Exhibit Logistics today. You can also learn more about the alternative trade show solutions by checking out the alternative trade show flyer.

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