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6 Reasons Why an Interactive Product Demonstration Should Be Included in Your Next Marketing Budget

If marketing plans were tools, interactive product demonstrations would be a Swiss Army knife. Multiple benefits. Versatile. Portable. Memorable. Everyone knows about Swiss Army knives for those reasons and interactive product demonstrations have similar parallels.

Dynamic landing pages. Lead generation. Integrated E-commerce opportunities. Analytics and customer insights — all anchored by a highly attractive, 3D product visualization. A strategically crafted interactive product demo — and its supporting campaign elements — intrinsically helps customers take the next step in the buyer’s journey.

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Here are 6 reasons why interactive product demos need to be included in your company’s next marketing budget:

  1. Your product will make a great first impression
    Digital interactive product demos give customers an inviting and captivating experience with your product. Absent the limitations of physical barriers, digitally created, animation product demos enable customers to get up-close and personal with 3D visualization, and often see aspects of the equipment (such as the “guts”) that might otherwise be inaccessible. The user engagement of interactive product demos makes them fun and memorable.
  2. It’s Alive: Features and benefits
    Seeing is believing. Interactive product demos share your product’s story in an extremely educational and compelling way. Make your product’s best features and benefits resonate and give customers a chance to “kick the tires” in this user-friendly, augmented 3D format.
  3. Sales enablement and lead generation
    Interactive product demos are great tools for facilitating the buyer’s journey and generating leads through a low-friction sales process. Imagine a Google ad taking a prospect to an engaging landing page that hosts the interactive 3D configuration, which is complemented by a form to get in touch with a salesperson and/or a chatbot that automates preliminary inquiry communications. Supplemental content, such as videos and case studies that are nested within the interactive product demo, provides customers with additional resources that facilitate engagement and conversion.
  4. Ability to connect e-Commerce
    Digital product demos enable marketers to drive e-Commerce sales. Picture a 3D augmented reality demo that exposes a view of a consumable part and then links the viewer directly to a page to purchase that parts kit. Interactive product demos create a direct path to increased e-Commerce engagement.
  5. Analytics and customer insights
    Digital demos are measurable and monitorable. The self-guided “discovery” that is fundamental to interactive product demos enables customers to show B2B marketers what they are interested in and what their needs are. The customer’s engagement also provides an indication of how “warm” the prospective sale is and allows the sales staff to respond accordingly.
  6. Create efficiencies and lower expenses
    Interactive product demos can be a time-saver for the sales team. Shipping, logistics and travel expenses associated with live demos also can be reduced. What’s more, the process of creating interactive product demos isn’t labor-intensive. For example, all DeanHouston+ needs to create an interactive product demo or similar augmented reality products are CAD files and some background information about how the product works. The end product is really slick, but the process to get there is pretty simple. Additionally, marketers can get more mileage from the 3D product visualization that are created for the demo by re-using and repurposing them in other marketing materials.

You can’t be perceived as better unless you are different. Interactive product demos share your product’s truth and simultaneously elevate your brand prowess. Visit our Interactive Product Demo webpage to see examples of demos created by DeanHouston+ and to contact us to begin developing your own interactive demo today.

Hear more from DeanHouston+ experts Walter Bonnett, Dana Arrasmith, and Colton Stombaugh as they discuss the countless benefits of interactive product demos and how they can elevate your business on our INSPIRE Podcast.


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