DeanHouston Update Regarding COVID-19

Dear DH+ Friends and Customers,

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, I want you to know that we are thinking of you and your families. It is our hope that all is well and remains that way for the duration of this unusual period of time.

As you may be aware, all your DH+ friends in Ohio, California and Illinois are now all mandated to work from home in an effort to impede the progress of the COVID-19 virus. I completely endorse this action if it will help bring this situation to a more expedient conclusion, and speed the recovery or save the lives of people who are infected or need more intensive care.

Even though our employees are working from home, I want to assure you that DH+ has significant crisis management systems and protocols in place and is fully equipped, prepared and experienced to help you navigate through this inconvenient situation. You can still call the main number at any DeanHouston office and you’ll get the same friendly and welcoming greeting that you have always experienced. For all intents and purposes, it is business as usual at DH+.

I promise that we will do whatever it takes to deliver the same level of legendary service, responsiveness, and high-quality support you deserve to help grow your business!

As always, I am available to you at any time, and our team will continue to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of your business while striving to help minimize the impact COVID-19 may have on your business.

With you as our partner, we are confident that together we will not only endure this challenge successfully but, in the process, I strongly believe we will learn new, exciting and innovative ways to engage, work, communicate, create efficiencies and improve that we may never have had the opportunity or incentive to explore under normal conditions.

I will continue to update you as things evolve, but in the meantime, no matter what, we are prepared to serve you!

Thank you for your partnership and support. I encourage you to call me if you need for any reason. My personal cell phone number is: 513-673-6115.

Kindest regards,

Dale Dean, CEO

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