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The Importance of Data-Driven Marketing

From digital billboards to geotargeting a crowd using Snapchat, technology has drastically evolved how we market our goods and services. Technology, of course, has been a great thing for the marketing world, but it has also added complexity. It’s now more difficult than ever to not only get your customer’s attention, but keep it long enough to make an impact. However, one way to help ensure your marketing efforts remain effective is through the use of data-driven marketing.

Data-driven marketing is not only extremely helpful, but it is essential to any successful marketing plan. And thanks to technology, customer information can be captured at every stage in the buying process, providing us with valuable insights into customer behavior, pain points, buying habits, social media activity, and much more. With all this information at your disposal, there’s no longer an excuse for developing a marketing strategy that isn’t targeted, specific, and effective.

Here are a few of the reasons why data can help make your marketing plan more effective:

  • Increase customer engagement by providing more personalized content so customers are compelled to to share, like, forward, and engage
  • Improve content quality by monitoring customer engagement and re-working poorly performing content
  • Enhance customer experiences by providing customers with the information that’s useful to them the way they want to receive it – email, phone, text, video, etc.
  • Optimize your marketing channels by creating campaigns according to which channel leads are coming from to optimize conversion rates
  • Monitor ROI more effectively by actively monitoring ongoing campaigns, conducting A/B testing and
  • Optimize pricing by monitoring buying habits and making adjustments by what you see

To learn more about the importance of data-driven marketing, check out the latest episode of the DeanHouston INSPIRE podcast. During this episode, Colton Stombaugh, Director of Digital Marketing, sat down with Ryan Lenihan, Digital Marketing Director, and Walter Bonnett, General Manager and Vice President of Strategy, to discuss all-things data related, including how to gather it, utilize it and how to include it in your marketing execution.

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