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Bobcats, Baseball Curses and New Perspectives

No organization can be the best it can be by doing everything the same way all the time. If a business gets caught in the hamster wheel of complacency, they’ll only find themselves sitting still while everything passes them by.

That’s why here at DeanHouston, we always encourage new and different perspectives and fresh ideas that inject new energy into the organization. One of the best ways this is done is with new team members, whose enthusiasm and unique insights can galvanize existing teams and bring exciting new vibes to clients.

When Eddie Kammerer joined DeanHouston as a marketing specialist in June 2023, he had an idea of what he could bring to the table after completing a successful internship with the company the year prior. But he also had a plan to help clients and coworkers reach the next level.

So, we sat down with the Fairfield, Ohio, native and Ohio Bobcat alum recently to talk about his career goals, personal endeavors — and basically his entire life story. Okay, not completely, but you get the idea.

DH: Eddie, welcome (back) to DH! Let’s start from the start. Tell us the Tale of Kammerer.
EK: I grew up about 25 minutes north of Cincinnati in Fairfield. I attended Badin High School, and from there I went to the greatest college in the state, Ohio University, where I thoroughly enjoyed my four years. Growing up I worked at a couple of country clubs and in college I was a manager at a bar.

DH: What drew you to DeanHouston and what are your favorite parts about working here?
EK: My Dad has been a client of DeanHouston for a long time. I’ve grown up around a lot of the people who work here and got to see how happy my dad has been working with them, so it was always on my radar. In college, I began studying marketing and when it came time to find an internship, applying to be an intern with DH was a no-brainer. Throughout my internship, I really enjoyed working in such a fun, high-value, friendly culture. Everyone was eager to answer my questions and provide me with the tools to learn and grow as a professional. Fast forward to being a full-time employee; the same reasons I loved DH during my internship still apply. The business philosophy, the platinum service we provide clients, and the fun teamwork every day make coming to work beyond enjoyable.

DH: Any favorite clients or projects you’ve worked on so far?
EK: I have very much enjoyed working with Cremer North America. Their business and industry are quite intricate with the different products and services they provide, so it has been interesting learning and working with them. But I also enjoy the challenge, and I think that’s why I have loved it!

DH: Walk us through a typical day in the life of a marketing specialist at DH.
EK: The beauty of a typical day in the life of an account manager/marketing specialist is there is no “typical” day. Day-to-day operations are always different depending on the needs of your clients as well as constantly thinking of ways to innovate and bring value to them and their business. The other aspect that makes being an account manager exciting is the creative flexibility to come up with ideas to present to clients that they possibly haven’t thought of or didn’t know existed.

DH: As a young professional, who or what inspires you each day?
EK: My family is definitely my biggest inspiration. They have always supported me through the good and the bad and have made many sacrifices for my sister and me. They taught me that hard work and resilience is the key to my dreams and those dreams should never be small. So, I am always trying to listen and learn to excel not only as a professional but as an individual as well. I want to grow in both ways as much as I can to always be moving towards my goals.

DH: Speaking of, what are your short and long-term goals for yourself and your clients?
EK: A short-term goal for myself and my clients is to help develop and execute successful strategic marketing plans for 2024. It is a project coming soon, and it will be a test for me as an account manager in the early stages of my career. Long term, my goal is to truly be an expert in my clients’ industries and create value to help them grow their businesses.

DH: What does a guy like Eddie enjoy doing outside of work?
EK: The things I enjoy most in my spare time include golfing, bass fishing, and recently a bit of pickleball! But once football begins, all of those go on the back burner because of weather constraints here in Ohio, and there is nothing better than football season and all that comes with it.

DH: Can Ohio University win the MAC this fall or is Toledo going to be too strong?
EK: Ohio could not be in a better spot. With Toledo as a current favorite, it sets up a great underdog story, and the hungry dog always runs faster.

DH: How about a little local baseball history? Did the Cincinnati Reds win the 1919 World Series, or did the Chicago White Sox lose? (This is almost a trick question…okay, it is.)
EK: Although I don’t know too much about the 1919 World Series, the one thing I do know is the 1919 World Series rings will always say Cincinnati Reds on them, no matter how the movie Eight Men Out might try to portray it.
(Editor’s Note: Eight Men Out is largely fiction. Many of the “facts” in that story have long been refuted. But anyway.)

DH:  Pick one or the other with a brief sentence explaining why. Checkers or chess?
EK: I’ve always been a checkers guy. I have an irrational fear of the chess experts who hustle people in parks.

DH: Golf or tennis?
EK: Golf 10 times out of 10. I’ve played golf my whole life, and I absolutely love it.

DH: Sit on a beach or ski down a mountain?
EK: Sitting on a beach. A beach vacation is truly the best. Sitting in the sun getting a tan with a packed cooler playing bocce ball is a fantastic experience, great vibes.

DH: Stuck in traffic or stuck in an elevator?
EK: I don’t know if there’s a good answer here, but I’m going to go with stuck in traffic. Being stuck in an elevator could be a headache of a process. Waiting for firefighters, bad cell reception, a small space, it all sounds horrendous.

DH: The Reds winning the World Series, or the Bengals winning the Super Bowl?
EK: Bengals winning the Super Bowl. I am convinced the Reds are cursed and will never win a World Series as long as I live. Plus, there’s just something special about football season.

Appreciate your time, Eddie! Thanks for sharing your insights and interests. For more about the team at DeanHouston, visit

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