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Creativity Blooms: Living Art Inside DeanHouston+

At DeanHouston+, creativity unfurls from the desks of designers, writers and marketing experts, all coming together to inspire and transform – much like the natural living art shaped by Tyler Wolf from Urban Blooms.

As the executive director and living wall designer at Urban Blooms, Wolf beautifully combines nature and design to make art that is both living and inspiring. Complementing the ambitious and creative soul that DeanHouston+ embodies, Wolf has created a unique vertical garden for the new DeanHouston+ office, which is located in the Three Rivers Building in Covington, KY.

Urban Blooms

Blooming Benefits
The new DeanHouston+ office is one of many places housing Wolf’s signature creations – among other buildings, including restaurants, hotels and homes.

With a unique vision, strategically arranged plants, and modern technology, Wolf accomplishes enhancing all of these spaces with greenery and artistry.

But the aesthetic living wall inside DeanHouston+ (located in the entryway) offers more than tropical ferns and shrubs.

According to Urban Blooms, besides providing a unique and natural aesthetic, some studies have shown that humans perform better mentally when coming into contact with nature, and even a brief interaction can have a positive effect for hours. These positive mental effects include improvements in alertness, attitude, patience and memory.

The power of plants is truly remarkable.

Fortunately, everyone at the DeanHouston+ office, from the team to the visitors, is welcome to absorb the inspiration from the living wall.

“If you’re struggling to get those creative juices flowing, incorporating plants into your space is shown to increase productivity by about 10% and creativity by 15%,” said Wolf.

The benefits of a living wall are abundant and seem to have no end.

Because they are made with plants that don’t require soil, the living wall only needs water from an automated irrigation system and some occasional maintenance from an Urban Blooms technician.

That means everyone at the DeanHouston+ office can reap the benefits of the living wall without any worry.

“Creating an environment that employees are excited to go into every day is more important than ever,” said Mark Rudy, general manager of DeanHouston+ Cincinnati. “We knew we wanted to do something special in our new location that would really make the space unique, installing a living wall was the perfect solution. Not only does it provide a variety of health and productivity benefits, but it also perfectly aligns with our creative people and culture. The team at Urban Blooms did an amazing job.”

Sowing Seeds For The Future
What makes a living wall so beautiful and impactful is the elegant mixture of the simple and the complex – much like the human spirit.

After all, we’re all living things wanting not only to survive but thrive.

Rooted in a new space where inspiration continuously flows, DeanHouston+ remains as committed as ever to challenging predictability while growing towards a promising future.

If you need inspiration, reach out to us anytime!


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