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Dear Dale: Addressing Customer Pain Points

Welcome to the third installment of Dear Dale!

In this special section, we post a question or two from our reading audience that our Founder, CEO and fearless leader at DeanHouston+, Dale Dean will personally answer!

Here we go!

Dear Dale,
We’re currently developing a marketing campaign for a new product launch. As a B2B company, how do we ensure this new campaign is properly identifying and addressing customer pain points?

Dale Dean:
That is a common – and important – question that every company faces. Understanding what your customer goes through, and helping them overcome challenges and find success by way of your products and services is an ideal way to build loyalty, credibility and trusting relationships.

As you’re planning your campaign, there are a couple of ways to check if you’re tapping into those concerns your customers have and adjust your messaging and channels accordingly.

First, it’s helpful to revisit the product and ask a few questions: why does your new product exist? What problem does it solve, and how do you know it’s a problem that needs solving? Then, ask where did that insight first come from? Chances are, you heard it directly from your customers. Then you identified a common concern and developed a product to solve it. Look at it from that perspective to make sure your product aligns with customer needs from a practical standpoint. This will help shape the messaging, creative, and channels in your campaign.

Next, look at your audience in general. How have they changed, if at all? What are their goals? What channels are they most responsive to? What should they expect from you with this new product? You can answer these questions either with direct feedback using a voice of the customer survey, or by identifying certain segments of your audience who have the specific issues your new product is intended to fix.

If you can confirm these things, you’ll be sure to deliver the right messaging about the product that your customers will find value in.

Got a question for Dale? Submit it right here and he’ll respond in a future INSPIRE issue!

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