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Social Media: A How-To Guide For Employees

In another blog post, we recently discussed the value of employee advocacy and how in-house promotion is a simple and effective way to support employee retention and boost your social media reach on any platform. Motivating your employees to interact with your brand’s social media pages is also great means to help increase website traffic and generate leads.

However, before encouraging employees to get involved as brand ambassadors, it’s important that you develop a clear and accessible social media policy. To help you along in this journey, we’ve created a handy how-to social media guide that provides some important recommendations and guidelines:

  • Clearly describe the goals and value of this engagement for the brand and the employee
  • List appropriate topics
  • List appropriate logos/brand images
  • List potential hashtags to use in posts
  • Highlight the value of an updated social profile
    • As with any social media profile, you want to represent yourself and your interests accurately. This can also include representing your involvement with the company. We are proud to have you on our team, and we hope you will celebrate your role with the company publicly!
      • Update your background information
      • Update your cover/profile photo(s)
      • Update your contact information
      • Update your headline
      • Share the company you work for
      • Highlight your expertise and elaborate on your skillset in selling and what industries and markets you serve
    • Social media policySpell out guidelines for liking, sharing, commenting and posting
      • When posting from your personal LinkedIn account, make sure to:
        • Use hashtags – Hashtags are tags preceded by the # sign. The hashtag allows users to apply dynamic, user-generated tagging which makes it possible for others to easily find other content that has that same hashtag. You can also search hashtags by typing that in the search bar on LinkedIn. The more that specific hashtags are used, the more they will be promoted and be seen by others.
        • Tag company or individual pages where possible. You can type “@” and then the name of the person or company.
        • Company-related posting suggestions: share products, (approved) client work you’re proud of, pictures with coworkers, relevant industry news, etc.
      • If you come across a company post in your LinkedIn feed, there are multiple options for amplifying the reach of our content. The first method is to simply “Like” each post, which we encourage everyone to do.
      • If you are an active LinkedIn user, we would appreciate it if you could share our posts to your page. To do this, simply click “Share” on the desired post and add an appropriate caption in the “Start writing” space.
      • Another great way to use our posts to your advantage is to contribute in the “Comments” section. Simply click “Comment” on the post and write out a thoughtful contribution. A helpful comment can provide an invitation to contact you for product sales and support, or you can opt to provide context about your relationship with the company.
      • Whenever possible, make your “Share” or “Comment” personal. Adding information about your knowledge and experience with our products/services is a positive and will appear more genuine to your LinkedIn connections.
    • List any inappropriate content, such as disrespectful speech, confidential materials, etc.

For additional help developing your brand’s social media policy, feel free to drop us an email!

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