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Strategic Partnerships: How to Find New B2B Influencers

Influencers aren’t just for commercial brands. Your B2B business can also take advantage of the power of influencers, regardless of your industry and niche. However, building strategic partnerships with B2B influencers does require a different approach than B2C. After all, B2B influencing partnerships are more mutually beneficial rather than transactional. So, here are the “lucky […]

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Marketing Your B2B Business on TikTok: What You Need to Know

Hey there, B2B businesses! It’s time to put on your dancing shoes and spin your way into the TikTok universe. You might be thinking, “TikTok? That’s just for dance challenges, right?” Not quite! TikTok was the superstar app of 2022, making it a hotspot for businesses across all industries. This platform could be your golden […]

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Social Media Shopping: What You Should Know Before Opening Your Online Storefront

If you’ve been scrolling through your social media feed, you’ve undoubtedly noticed something interesting: the ability to shop directly from the platform. While social media shopping (or social commerce) is not entirely new, it is considered to be in its early days. As such, there is still some debate about the future of social media […]

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Hit the GO LIVE Button: It’s Time to Start Live Streaming

Hey, I get it; live streaming seems like the latest trend Gen Zers are hopping on to promote themselves (or, “their brand,” as they would say), but companies are actually including live streaming into their marketing strategies as well. But is going live really worth all the hype? Well, let’s take this blog, for example. […]

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Going Viral: The Power of Native Videos in Social Media

You’re scrolling through your social media feed, more than likely late at night when you should be sleeping. It’s the usual stuff: news updates, too many selfies, a wordy rant about something you don’t care enough to read, and of course, an oddly specific advertisement about something you mentioned to someone earlier in the day. […]


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The Value of User-Generated Content

Content takes on many forms – text, photos, video, podcasts, advertisements, and even all the billboards you see along the highway. Social media is comprised of platforms that contain just about all these forms of content (even photos of those highway billboards), but there’s something else that businesses and brands are taking advantage of that […]

Social Media Policy

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Social Media: A How-To Guide For Employees

In another blog post, we recently discussed the value of employee advocacy and how in-house promotion is a simple and effective way to support employee retention and boost your social media reach on any platform. Motivating your employees to interact with your brand’s social media pages is also great means to help increase website traffic […]

Employee Advocacy

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The Value of Employee Advocacy

Are your employees or coworkers active on social media? For industrial companies, this activity might not seem too relevant. However, in-house promotion is a simple and effective way to support employee retention and boost your account’s reach on any platform. This engagement can include anything from liking content on the company page to sharing a […]

Emotional Intelligence

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The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

The term “emotional intelligence” (EQ) from a marketing perspective might make you think of a number of things. Maybe it conjures thoughts of brands whose social posts get people consistently excited about their products. Or perhaps it brings to mind instances when a company has directly addressed a pain point that their audience cares about. […]

Holiday Marketing

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Deck the Halls With Holiday Marketing

For many retailers, December is inherently the season for targeted holiday messaging and all those unbeatable deals on consumer goods. B2C marketing, especially in retail, is a necessity. But for industrial companies with far more niche or expensive products and services, the holiday months can leave us feeling like Kevin in Home Alone. By this […]


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Prioritizing a New Style of Networking

Last year changed everything. With the onset of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we all had to adjust to new ways of doing everything. This includes our business world too, where events, trade shows, outings, and in-person networking opportunities were put on hold. As we move back to a sense of normalcy, trade shows and other […]

Influencer Marketing

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Warming Up To Influencers – The Important Role of B2B Influencer Marketing

Did you ever have popular classmates who would show up one day toting the latest fad-a-ma-jig and suddenly the entire class just had to have it too? In essence, that’s a form of influencer marketing. Like other marketing buzzwords, you may have heard the term “influencer” before, and wonder what it is, how businesses and […]

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