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Why Do I Need a Marketing Automation Service?

You’ve been convinced that a marketing automation service will make life easier and produce better results. So, you start looking for a suitable program, but you keep coming back to the same question: why? Why should I spend the money on a program that does many of the same things I already do?

Let’s take a look at three general areas of improvement that most marketing automation software can tackle, including the CRM, automation, and reporting capabilities that are seen across all platforms.

1.) CRM Capabilities
Most marketing automation services utilize segmentation and lead scoring to separate customers and leads depending upon actions that they take on a website or email (as determined by you). These tools allow you to tailor content based on user actions while gaining insight into your customer’s thoughts and interactions with your business: which features do they gravitate to, which products are most popular, what are people contacting you most about through form entries, etc.

2.) Automation Capabilities
Workflows and email management systems save time by automating repetitive tasks while also allowing for additional follow-up with customers in areas that were previously overlooked. Did a customer reach out via a contact form but then went silent? You can send them an automated follow-up email. Want to welcome new newsletter subscribers or customers? Already done with an automated email – it sends right after they press ‘Submit’. These automated actions go above and beyond current response methods, saving you time and allowing you to ‘touch’ customers more frequently than in the past.

3.) Reporting Capabilities
Many marketing automation platforms allow users to see up-to-the-minute reporting for all marketing tools, including workflows, emails and landing pages. You also are able to track customer reporting and sales reporting, including revenue, pipelines, goals, demographics and profitability. Utilizing these reporting tools allows you to keep track of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and test different email subject/lines and content to discover what works best for your customers, optimizing your customer interactions and increasing conversion rates!

Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, you should have a solid understanding of what digital marketing is, what you should expect that automation software can do, and what key benefits marketing automation software have in enhancing the productivity of your team and results of your campaigns. To learn more about how we can help you with marketing automation, contact us today!

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