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A Conversation About Conversational Marketing

DeanHouston+: “Hi! How can we help you?”
You: “Tell me about conversational marketing.”

Conversational marketing uses chatbots and messaging platforms, like SMS texting (phone messaging) and Facebook Messenger, to engage with customers in real time. These chats build customer loyalty while providing valuable insight that can help create new ways to improve your marketing strategy faster than you can say: “How exactly can my business benefit from conversational marketing?”

Provide the Convenience Your Customers Expect
When your customers need support about a particular product, service or anything else, they want a quick response without the hassle of calling and being put on hold. With conversational marketing, your customers can chat with your business at any time and from anywhere.

Improve Your Brand and Customer Loyalty
Don’t be surprised if your customers feel so comfortable with your conversational marketing that they are more upfront about their experience with your business. It’s a good thing. The valuable feedback helps build stronger relationships and improve how you approach new leads.

Keep Your Leads Happy and Buying What You’re Selling
Instead of assuming what your potential customers want, chatbots prompt them with carefully-curated questions to guide them through their customer journey to get them exactly where they need to be. No more confusion, no more unanswered questions and no more abandoned shopping carts.

Helpful Tips for Conversational Marketing
The exact way you go about improving your business strategy with conversational marketing depends on your brand, your audience and your goals. But here are some ways to get you started off on the right foot, that way you’re not left falling behind the competition:

1.) Choose the Right Platform
Remember, every chat should be meaningful, serve a purpose for your customer and add value to your business. So choose the messaging platform that best suits your brand and your customer. Maybe your customers prefer a website chatbot over an SMS messaging bot.

2.) Be Consistently Human
Keep in mind that all conversations that come from your brand should be repeatable and predictable. Keep it consistent but not so robotic. Have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to use abbreviations and emojis when appropriate. For example: “BTW, follow us on Instagram! 😎”

3.) Measure Results and Adjust Accordingly
With the invaluable insight you receive from the chats, you can improve various aspects of your business. If customers are asking about something specific or have a specific complaint, that’s a good indication that your business needs to make some needed changes.

Regardless of your brand and specific business goals, conversational marketing lets you keep in touch with your customers 24/7 while making their experience more personal and enjoyable – which helps you build customer loyalty while staying ahead of the competition.

You: “Hey, DeanHouston+! Can you help me with conversational marketing?”
DeanHouston+: “Absolutely. Let’s chat!”

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