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Hit the GO LIVE Button: It’s Time to Start Live Streaming

Hey, I get it; live streaming seems like the latest trend Gen Zers are hopping on to promote themselves (or, “their brand,” as they would say), but companies are actually including live streaming into their marketing strategies as well.

But is going live really worth all the hype?

Well, let’s take this blog, for example.

Would you rather keep reading this blog or watch a live stream where a real person not only explains the advantages of live streaming but also answers any questions you may have about it – in real-time?

According to research, 80% of people reading this blog would much rather watch a live stream. They would also prefer to watch a live stream rather than view a social post. With this overwhelming percentage of people, there’s no wonder why more and more companies are choosing to use live-streaming marketing strategies.

So even though we’re not providing all of this information on a live stream (sorry to the 80% of people reading this), you should definitely keep reading this blog, so you can learn all the advantages of live streaming and why it’s time for your business to start going live.

Live streaming can be used in a variety of ways, such as announcing news, promoting products and services, offering tutorials and providing that platinum-level service your customers expect. Simply, live streaming can be used for whatever content your business wants to share. Best of all, going live comes with some nice perks.

While some streaming services like Vimeo and Zoom require a paid membership, various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, offer free live streaming services. This level of accessibility makes live streaming far more cost-effective than traditional video advertising, which requires a full team of experts, expensive equipment and a considerable amount of production time.

Real-Time Connection
With chatting functionality, live streaming provides companies the unique ability to interact with customers from all around the world – and in real-time. No matter how hard your business may try, that high level of connection can’t be achieved with traditional marketing.

Content That Counts
With over 90% of people preferring brand authenticity over polished content, live streaming offers customers exactly what they want – genuine content from real people speaking directly to them.

Instant Sales
Buying (and selling) has never been easier. With the added functionality of live stream shopping, customers can instantly purchase products directly from the live stream they’re watching.

Simply, live streaming outdoes traditional marketing strategies in all the ways that matter. But if you’re still suspicious about the legitimacy of live streaming, here are some facts to squash those doubts:

  • 82% of people prefer live streaming over social posts
  • 80% of people prefer live streaming over blogs (as mentioned)
  • 73% of B2B companies report a high ROI with their live-streaming strategy
  • 64% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video

Knowing what you know now about the advantages of live stream marketing, only one question remains: How can you successfully go live?

Listen To Master Yoda
“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” These famous words by Master Yoda, despite being about the Force, actually apply to live streaming.

When you’re in front of a camera broadcasting live to smartphones, computer monitors and television screens around the world, there’s no such thing as trying. You have to be prepared for anything and everything – and not only do it but do it well.

Stay Organized & Plan Ahead
Have a clear outline of your live stream so you can stay on topic and on schedule – and be as prepared as possible for any potential scenarios that can happen, like technical mishaps, unforeseen interruptions and curveball questions.

Test & Retest Everything
Check all of your broadcasting equipment, such as cameras, lighting, microphones, and so on – and guarantee a quality broadcast for your viewers by using a reliable and fast internet connection. Make sure all of the wires are secured and test everything. Then, test everything again.

Interact With Viewers
Remember that your viewers are actual people who are expecting a real-time connection from your live stream. Keep your viewers engaged by acknowledging them and responding to their comments and questions – and be as natural as possible.

Record The Broadcast
Make the most of your live stream and record it. You can use the live stream recording in a variety of ways, including social media, customer support, and to continue building viewership for future live streams.

Live streaming can be a smart choice for your marketing strategy because it’s a cost-effective way of making real-time global connections with your customers who appreciate the level of authenticity that only live streaming can provide.

Keep in mind that the success of your live stream depends on how well you can deliver the level of professionalism and expertise your customers expect. As with any marketing strategy, knowledge and experience go a long way. Understanding the ins and outs of live streaming can mean the difference between a digital audience of thousands and going live with little to no viewers.

So, before you hit that GO LIVE button, make sure you consult a DeanHouston+ live-streaming pro!

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