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Mastering AI Prompts: Expert Tips You Can’t Miss

There’s no question about it. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future. How could it not be?

AI combines time-saving efficiency with the power of possibilities. With AI, you can process large amounts of data, automate tasks, analyze complex trends and gain life-saving insights — and all of it within a matter of seconds.

While advanced AI tools are changing the way many industries operate, they require an extensive amount of setup and intricate customization, which may not be a feasible option for some.

On the other hand, ChatGPT, MidJourney, Canva’s Magic Studio, and other natural language processing tools driven by AI technology are accessible, ready to be used and rely on simple text prompts, making them a practical resource for everyone.

But you do need to use the right prompts to get the results you want.

So, whether you’re trying to understand a complicated topic (like rocket science), design an unforgettable presentation or mock up your big project idea (to impress your boss), here are the prompting tips you need to know:

Be Specific & Provide Context
Clearly state what you want from the AI. For example, if you’re asking for a summary of a text, specify the length and level of detail you’re looking for. If your request relies on specific information or context, include it in your prompt. Don’t forget to make the AI aware of their role by simply beginning your prompt with, “Act like a [insert profession or type of expert]…”

❌ ”Tell me about rocket science.”
✅ ”Act like a NASA engineer. Explain the science behind space shuttles traveling to outer space.”

When creating an image with AI, be as descriptive as possible. Your prompt should contain a subject, a description and a style or aesthetic. Remember: Adjectives are crucial to creating your desired results. Use them!

❌ “Spaceship in space.”
✅ “A green-colored spaceship traveling from Earth to outer space, realistic, highly-detailed, cinematic wide shot.”

Specify Format, Set Constraints and Adjust the Tone
If you have a preference for the format of the answer (e.g., bullet points, list, paragraphs), make it clear in your prompt. If you’re seeking information or an opinion, ask a direct question. If there are specific limitations or requirements, communicate them clearly. For example, if you want a response in a certain character limit or you want a particular tone.

❌ “How can I get a raise at work?”
✅ “Act like you’re a career consultant. Provide me a list of different ways I can ask my boss for a raise. Make it clear that I’ve been working diligently for the past year and have taken on new responsibilities.

Similarly, being specific about your format, constraints and focus can help AI image generators produce better results.

❌ “Design a cool image with awesome retro and future stuff.”
✅ “Simple and clean logo, a white-colored space shuttle centered in the foreground of a futuristic green background, retro style, no text.”

Avoid Ambiguity & Use Keywords
Ambiguous prompts can lead to vague or unexpected results. Be as specific as possible to avoid misinterpretation. Include important keywords that are relevant to your query. This can help guide the AI’s response.

❌ “Write a presentation on rocket science and the future and how it will make our company more money.”
✅  “Act like you’re an expert speech writer. Write a speech that talks about the future of rocket science and how manufacturing space shuttles will become a lucrative business.”

For AI image generators, you want to do the same.

❌ “A spaceship in space with a dollar sign on it.”
✅ “A green-colored space shuttle with a white-colored dollar sign symbol on the side of the space shuttle, realistic, highly-detailed, cinematic wide shot.”

Check Grammar and Spelling
Proper grammar and spelling in your prompt go a long way to helping the AI understand your request more accurately. The difference between “snail” and “nail” will definitely produce different results. Also, AI doesn’t do well with run-on sentences and misplaced commas.

❌ “Write email to my boss about how the big space hip project will be lunched on time.
✅ “You’re an expert copywriter. Write a short email with 150 words or less. The email is for management. The subject is the new launch of “The Big Space Shuttle Project.”

  • Mention the launch date, January 1, 2040
  • Mention that the launch is expected to be a success

The same rules apply to creating an image with AI. When prompting AI image generators, be sure you double-check the spelling and grammar in your prompt.

❌ “A manufacturing facility with space hips realistic highly, detailed cinematic wide, shot.”
✅ “A manufacturing facility producing green-colored spaceships, realistic, highly-detailed, cinematic wide shot.”

Keep Experimenting
Remember, while AI tools are powerful, they’re not perfect. If you’re not getting the desired output, don’t hesitate to rephrase or try a different approach. Experimentation can lead to better results.

If you think you’ve given the AI the best prompt possible and you still don’t get the result you expect, you can use the feedback system to help improve the AI model for future use.

Facts to Keep in Mind
While AI is an impressive and beneficial tool, it does have limitations and drawbacks.

  • AI lacks the ability to process emotions or make ethically based judgments. On that same note, AI doesn’t offer true creativity. Sure, AI can offer you a list of ideas on any given topic, but they’re not original.
  • AI compiles information from various sources – some of which may not be reliable. That’s why it’s important to carefully consider all of the results you attain from AI.

While some AI tools have certain nuances, these general tips will help you develop the prompts that can lead to the results you’re looking for. If you want to learn more about the endless possibilities of AI, reach out to our experts at DeanHouston+!

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