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The Value of Short-Form Video

In 1969, filmmaker Marv Newland made history when he created the short film Bambi Meets Godzilla. The little cartoon has become an all-time classic in animation, running before and after movies in theaters across the U.S. and Canada throughout the 1970s and 1980s, subsequently seeing wide distribution on home video and spawning several sequels.

What made this film so memorable wasn’t exactly the story, or the animation itself, but that it was less than a minute long.

What makes video so powerful is that it naturally connects with an audience, especially emotionally. This is crucial because people tend to remember what they feel. With Newland’s film, audiences have remembered feeling surprised and entertained for more than 50 years.

When you consider the history of movies and television – right up to the social and streaming services of today – video has played a crucial role in our entertainment and business lives.

When it comes to marketing, no other form of content resonates with customers and prospects better than video. But what types of videos are right for your business? What message do you want to portray? What platform is the right vehicle to tell your story? How long should they be?

Tick TockSocial media has changed the way we consume content, and what may have seemed like a whimsical fad just a few years ago is now the standard. Between staples like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, plus the more recent explosion of TikTok, consumers are not only used to short-form videos these days, but they expect them.

Examining Short-Form Value
Knowing that consumers expect to see videos from businesses they follow, time considerations can help shape the value for both the audience and the business as much as the content itself does.

People are busy. There is a lot of information to consume, many channels to follow, and not always enough time to do it. Not unlike the theory that many people “scan” content instead of closely reading, short-form videos hold people’s attention for seemingly just the right amount of time.

Many businesses and brands are adopting the short video format to provide a more creative, personal connection with their audiences. At the same time, audiences are excited, informed and entertained by this newer video style, enticing them to maintain their engagement with the brands and businesses they follow.

Starting Your Own Video Campaigns
A lot of businesses aren’t sure where to begin with video projects, even if they understand they should include them in their marketing mix.

Fear not! One of the best and easiest places to start, especially in the short-form format, is in educational and informational spots. If executed properly, these types of videos go beyond branding or promotion, and into a more fun, relatable style.

For example, teasing the release of a new product or service, showing a new way to engage with your brand, offering quick DIY tips or answering frequently asked questions in entertaining ways are all effective ways for showcasing your expertise and connecting with your audience.

Any of these simple video strategies can be produced quickly and will go a long way to building or enhancing your customer loyalty, engagement and trust.

If you’re looking to develop video content that can work for your business and audience, reach out to us anytime!

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