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Digital Personalization: The Key to Future Sales

Not so long ago, personalization in sales was as simple as a conversation and striking a deal with a firm handshake. But with the digital world somehow becoming more real than reality, the ways businesses personalize the sales experience has become more technical and a little more complicated.

While this new way of personalization can be challenging, it also provides an opportunity for businesses to evolve so they can remain at the forefront of their industry.

The New Way To Personalize
In face-to-face sales, personalization means making the customer in any stage of the buyer’s journey feel acknowledged and appreciated while addressing their pain points and presenting a solution. It’s no different when using personalization in digital sales.

Because of the growing need for connection in the digital space, personalization is only becoming more essential to the longevity and success of businesses. According to research, 80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase when they’re provided with a personalized experience. And when done correctly, personalization can optimize marketing efficiency and boost revenue by up to 15% for businesses.

With businesses around the world competing to provide their customers with the most personalized sales experience, it’s essential for your company to adopt a strong personalization strategy that is specific, effective and progressive.

Be As Human As Possible (But With Technology)
In a traditional face-to-face sales interaction, you wouldn’t even think about beginning a sales conversation with a prospective customer without first knowing their name and understanding some aspect of who they are as a person, such as their interests, their worries, or their goals. It’s the same with digital sales.

In the digital age we live in now, the best way to understand customers is by collecting data. Yup, I said it. Collecting data. It’s one of those phrases that is sure to stir up some debate. But when it comes to personalization in sales, businesses can’t be successful without collecting data.

Collecting data can be as simple and as inexpensive as an online form (maybe to access gated content). Forms are an easy way of collecting customer information, such as name, occupation, email address and so forth. But collecting data can also be as technical as website tracking, social media monitoring and other marketing analytics. Regardless of how the data is collected, it needs to be analyzed and understood and turned into actionable data that reflects the customer’s identity, pain points and expectations.

Once the customer is fully understood, then the messaging can be tailored to them (like tweaking a sales pitch) in all methods of communication, from emails, newsletters, social media and blogs. Even websites and customer support systems can take advantage of sales personalization by using chatbots and automation.

Much like in face-to-face sales, personalization doesn’t end once the deal is done. Follow up and thank customers with personalized emails that provide them with surveys (another simple way to collect data) that can be used to further personalize the sales experience in the future.

Personalization For The Future
Personalization in sales isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach and it’s only becoming more technical and nuanced as time goes on. That’s why your company’s personalization strategy needs to be tailored to your business and continue to adapt to your customer’s expectations.

It’s time for your business to take advantage of the benefits of sales personalization so you can remain at the forefront of your industry well into the future. When you’re ready to start personalizing your marketing strategy for your business, get in touch with DeanHouston+.

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