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The Ballad of “Always On” Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to executing a marketing campaign, there’s not always a good time to pause, or to shoo away customer acquisition at any stage.

Unlike traditional, linear marketing campaigns which tend to focus on awareness, the intent of an “always on” (also known as “evergreen”) campaign is continually optimized to build engagement and retention. It is strategically planned and, well, never off.

You may think of this dynamic like reading a recipe for a sandwich but only looking at the flavorful ingredients compared to making it and enjoying it. Sure, in the former you’re aware that it exists and the potential it has, but with the latter you’re molding it, shaping it, and reaping the tasty rewards. Who wants only a potential sandwich anyway?

The What and Why
The main idea behind this type of marketing strategy is to create personable and scalable brand experiences. This is what enables the campaign to evolve and adapt to the needs of the audience, with a steady diet of relevancy.

24/7From a deliverable standpoint, always-on marketing aims to stay directly in front of the intended audience with constant communications. The key is to not just drive awareness, but to build relationships and loyalty – this segues into the “always on” aspect that traditional campaign-based marketing efforts don’t always prioritize.

Additionally, by keeping the campaign “on,” it remains cyclical – like the give and take between band and audience at a concert. It’s one thing to execute your messaging, but it’s another to recycle them round and round to continually reaffirm audience expectations and interaction. This keeps the campaign amorphous to change in users’ interests, so in effect, you’re always giving them what they want.

So, How Do You Turn This Thing “On?”
Big interactions are great, but the small ones are almost better. Plus, they add up.

Emphasizing simpler, straightforward touchpoints – such as an email, a social post(s), or even a mobile ad – can start driving awareness and developing loyalty if those experiences are personalized and delivered with enough regularity.

One of the most common ways users experience always-on campaigns is through PPC ads. With this type of campaign, which often relates to a key product push, a user will see relevant search results which strengthens their experience because they’re finding the information they seek. This also enables the brand to review the keywords and search terms that are generating the most results to further optimize as the campaign evolves.

Pay Per ClickIt should go without saying (but we will anyway), that it’s crucial for your content to be as relevant as possible during each stage.

Delivering these relevant micro-experiences helps create scale early in the campaign which allows you to tailor your messaging along different stages of the customer journey. When you do this, you’ll be able to always connect in realistic ways – which every audience appreciates.

While it’s far from a set-it-and-forget-it plan, an always-on campaign can help engage your buyers in consistent, important ways, creating healthy interactions and loyalty along the way.

And if you’re feeling stuck about flipping the switch from off to on, we’re just a click away.

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