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The Future is Here: Guide to Interactive Video

If you were around anytime in the 80s, you probably remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books where every few pages, you were prompted to make a decision that would impact the plot and ending of the story.

While some of you younger folks in the audience may not know the thrill of deciding a character’s fate by simply turning to a specific page, you probably have experienced the visual journey of interactive videos.

What are Interactive Videos?
Much like those old adventure books, interactive videos offer the ability to engage with content – with the added benefit of having the latest visual technology.

Unlike traditional videos that play straight through from beginning to end, interactive videos routinely prompt the viewer to explore (with hotspots or a 360-degree-view), make decisions (with branched stories) or answer polls and quizzes – and all of it as easy as clicking a button. Check out the example below from Vimeo.


What Can Interactive Videos Do for Your Brand?
Companies use interactive videos in various ways, including product demos, customer support, and even shopping.

Interacting with products while also being able to shop (and never having to pause the video or switch over to a different webpage) is a smart way to elevate any marketing strategy.

Even big brands, like IKEA, Nike and Honda, are using interactive videos to showcase their products while simultaneously enhancing the customer shopping experience.

How Can Your Employees Benefit from Interactive Videos?
With interactive videos, onboarding and training employees can be equally enjoyable and educational.

No more worrying about your employees mindlessly staring at a screen, watching video after video and not learning a single thing, or even worse, falling asleep.

Some organizations are even using interactive videos in clever ways, like helping prospective employees see if their company culture is a good fit for them or teaching people how to save lives by showing them how to properly perform CPR.

Will Interactive Videos Be Around for a While?
With the average person spending about 100 minutes per day watching videos, it’s safe to say that interactive videos are only becoming more popular.

In fact, interactive videos have up to 4 times greater viewer engagement and conversion than traditional videos, with 10 times higher click-through rate.

When it comes to the potential of interactive videos, imagination is the only limit.

Interactive videos are even used to enhance movie trailers and music videos. There are even films produced that are technically interactive videos. (One of the more notable ones is Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which you can find on Netflix.)

If you need help turning boring content into interactive visual adventures that your customers and employees will want to be a part of, reach out to a DeanHouston+ marketing expert!

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