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Deck the Halls With Holiday Marketing

For many retailers, December is inherently the season for targeted holiday messaging and all those unbeatable deals on consumer goods.

B2C marketing, especially in retail, is a necessity. But for industrial companies with far more niche or expensive products and services, the holiday months can leave us feeling like Kevin in Home Alone. By this time of year, many current or potential clients have reached the end of their budgets, or are preoccupied with planning for the new year.

So, as we break out the fir trees and enjoy a cozy night by the fire, is it fitting to promote sales, or share one-off “Merry Christmas” social posts?

It’s important for industrial marketers to seize the season with a different approach to holiday strategy, especially because many companies may experience a lull amidst the yuletide merriment.

Embracing a Slower Pace
Adapting a holiday plan that works for your business is crucial. This begins with understanding where your customers are at now, and what their goals are in the next month. If you anticipate that your client base is closed to suppliers as Q4 concludes, or that your usual audience will be dedicating more time to family, it would make sense to focus less on sales and more on brand awareness and customer support.

Holiday MarketingAnd if there are fewer sales coming in, now might be the perfect time to revamp your website or hone your voice. Establishing a solid holiday email and social campaign directing existing customers to your website can help keep your brand relevant when users are likely being bombarded with dozens of retail promotions each day.

Striking a Balance
Adding a touch of festivity to these campaigns also keeps things fresh and light at a time of year full of distractions, whether it’s a cheesy call-to-action or a branded holiday graphic. Find your company’s unique balance between being entertaining and informative to capture attention without pressuring your audience. An email or social-centric approach may also be more cost-effective for industrial businesses than competing for advertising space amidst the clutter of B2C discounted goods.

In the same vein, creating or resharing informational web and social content can prove more valuable than promoting specific products or soliciting new contracts. Utilizing existing content like a downloadable document, search tool, or interactive experience not only makes customers feel supported, but it’s easier on your bottom line.

Looking after your customers even in the face of stress and budget concerns only fortifies your brand and establishes a sense of goodwill and empathy. And as we’ve covered, building a strong relationship with your clients is a surefire way to maintain and grow trust.

While you’re hard at work supporting your clients with educational content and spreading merry cheer, don’t forget one of the easiest ways to humanize your brand and tell your story is to look internally! Sharing images, videos or quotes from your workforce puts a face to the company and shows you truly care about your team. After all, seeing the people hard at work behind the scenes will only make it easier for users to connect with your mission.

Holiday Sale
Looking Ahead
Just as you build goodwill with the promotion of educational or supportive resources for customers, this content can inform clients’ decisions moving into Q1. By anticipating your clientele’s questions and concerns and addressing them in an eye-catching, relevant manner, they might feel more than just informed – they might feel inspired when considering business in the New Year.

Putting in the work to grab potential clients’ attention in Q4 can give you a leg up on the competition, yielding new deals even before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.

So, no need to feel like a left-out Grinch during the holidays. Embrace the opportunity to be intentional with your messaging! By celebrating your team, clients, and existing content, it’s easier to remain present throughout the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Now, go build brand awareness and be merry!

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