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Tips for Creating Content that Attracts High-Quality Employees

While retaining current employees remains a high priority for organizations in major industries, companies are also focusing their attention on attracting high-quality candidates who are searching for long-lasting careers.

But what’s the best approach to finding these potential employees who belong within your organization’s culture and also plan to stay with your company for a long time?

Create engaging content that tells your brand story, illustrates work culture and demonstrates why your organization is the place to work — and then share it with candidates in a way that will actually catch their attention.

Here’s how.

Social Media Content
According to research, 57% of employees use social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn, for their job search. There’s no surprise why 84% of companies and 94% of recruiters use social media for recruitment.

So what kind of content do future employees expect to see on social media?

Videos! But not just any kind.

Job seekers want to see authentic content. They want behind-the-scenes videos where your company culture is shown genuinely—and not so scripted or staged.

And nothing says authentic content more than streaming live videos. However, follow best practices to help ensure you have a successful live stream rather than one that can potentially position your company in an unflattering light.

Employee-Generated Content
One of the advantages of social media, when it comes to recruitment efforts, is that current employees can lend a helping hand with employee-generated content.

Remember: Create a social media employee guideline so your employees are encouraged to create their own content and share it on their social platforms while also staying true to your company’s values.

Once your current employees understand your company’s social media guidelines, they can create engaging content, like day-in-the-office videos or short testimonials on why they love being a part of your company (either by posting a few sentences or a quick video).

Testimonials are a great way to create credibility and help potential candidates envision themselves as part of your organization. It’s also great content that can elevate the careers page of your website.

Website Content
As a representation of your company that the entire world can access, your website is an essential tool for attracting future employees. You should use your website to share blog posts and podcasts where you highlight company culture and put a spotlight on employees so they can share their experiences.

But keep in mind: A website should be easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly and up-to-date on all UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) best practices. If it’s not, all of your content will be for nothing. After all, 65% of job seekers won’t return to a desktop version of an application if they can’t apply on their mobile device.

On the careers page, communicate the benefits and perks your company provides, such as competitive salaries, health and wellness programs, flexible work arrangements or other unique offerings. But don’t just write about it. Show it.

Provide potential employees the opportunity to decide if they’re an ideal candidate for your organization by sharing employee-generated content like testimonials (as mentioned earlier) and interactive videos that illustrate your company’s culture.

Optimized Content
Lastly, make sure your content can be discovered by optimizing it for search engines and sharing it across social media channels. Use keywords and hashtags relevant to the positions you’re hiring for and include links to your careers page.

Double down on your recruitment efforts and combine organic traffic with paid ads and earned media coverage to give your content an extra push to relevant channels where high-quality candidates are on.

Finally, monitor and continue refining your content strategy. Regularly review the effectiveness of your content by tracking metrics like website traffic, engagement and application rates, and even collect feedback from candidates and recently hired employees to gain insights and make improvements.

If you need help developing engaging content that will attract high-quality employees, reach out to DeanHouston!

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