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Super Bowl


Join the DH+ Super Bowl Charity Challenge

I think we can all agree that the game plan for 2020 changed the moment the world was sacked by COVID-19. That’s why the gridiron gang at DH+ wants to help kick off 2021 with a little fun. And what’s more fun than football, trivia, and raising money for charity? Introducing the DH+ Super Bowl […]

Content is Key


Is Content the Key to Conversion?

Truth: This isn’t the article I set out to write. My original idea was to create a written masterpiece that discusses the variety of media types that go into a successful marketing campaign. However, as I searched for numbers and facts to back up my claims, one central idea became crystal clear – Everything centers […]

Customer Data


INSPIRE Podcast: Episode 17 | Shari Matras – Diving into Data, Customer Insights and Brand Success

In the fourth episode of DH+ INSPIRE’s Women Transforming Manufacturing series, we had the opportunity and privilege to spend some time with Shari Matras, Chief Growth Officer with CLR Brands. We take a deep dive through her incredible career, including stops at Quaker, Orbit Gum, and Gevalia Kaffe – and how her accomplishments at each […]

Jacki Lutz


INSPIRE Podcast: Episode 16 | Jacki Lutz – Embracing and Inspiring Your Professional Community

In our third episode of DH+ INSPIRE’s Women Transforming Manufacturing series, we had a lively conversation on the value of tapping into your network and professional community with Jacki Lutz, a rising marketing star, and the Global Head of Marketing Communications and Intelligence for Aftermarket Business and TPMS at Sensata Technologies. Along with her primary […]



3 Reasons Why the Mighty Infographic is King

“Content is King” has been a prevailing statement about online marketing ever since the days when people referred to the Internet as the “information superhighway.” Those days are long gone (along with dial-up modems, flip phones, and Geocities web pages) but the “content is king” concept still rings true for marketers because the main reason […]

Epilepsy Alliance Ohio


Join Us at the Rock Stars for Epilepsy Annual Seize Hope Virtual Charity Gala

At DeanHouston, Epilepsy Alliance Ohio (EAO) is an organization that is near and dear to our hearts. As proud supporters of EAO, we’re asking you to join us on February 6 for the Rock Stars for Epilepsy Annual Seize Hope Virtual Charity Gala. Taking place via Zoom from 7:00-9:00 p.m. EST, the gala will directly […]

Growth Hacking


Growth Hacking: Buzzword or Strategy?

You may be thinking, “Silly buzzword. What is Growth Hacking?” Growth hacking is what happens when product development, marketing, engineering, and sales unite to uncover the most efficient ways to grow via rapid experimentation across the marketing funnel. Let’s paint pictures to illustrate this concept. 1. Create Win/Win/Win Situations When you join Dropbox, you get […]

Package Design


Should First Impressions Influence Your Package Design?

When it comes to package design, first impressions can make or break your brand’s ability to form a connection. Just like a first date, you don’t want to cut short a (visual) conversation and potentially ruin a budding relationship. So how do designers, like those at DeanHouston, create a package design that’s strong enough to […]

HP Printing


INSPIRE Podcast: Episode 15 | Sonita Lontoh – The Power of a Growth Mindset

In our second episode of DH+ INSPIRE’s Women Transforming Manufacturing series, we were honored and humbled to spend some time with Sonita Lontoh, Global Marketing Chief for HP’s new, disruptive Printing & Digital Manufacturing business. A recent inductee into the inaugural class of Women In Manufacturing’s (WiM) Hall of Fame, Sonita’s experience spans from leading […]

Crafting a Narrative


How to Craft a Narrative Through Statistics

We live in a world of numbers. Their impact is massive and omnipresent. On their own, however, these numbers are meaningless – but within context, they can create a narrative that guides us. In business, this narrative is called analytical reporting, and it’s the process of measuring, analyzing, and managing a marketing strategy’s performance to […]

Holiday Marketing


Separating Fact from Fiction in Holiday Marketing

For any business, figuring out the correct way to market your products during the holiday season can be a frustrating endeavor. Should we stick to the basics or get ultra creative? Is it important to use social media? Do we need a huge budget? To help provide some answers, MailChimp has developed a comprehensive guide that […]

Women in Manufacturing


INSPIRE Podcast: Episode 14 | Allison Grealis – Women In Manufacturing, Transforming Manufacturing

In the first episode of our Women Transforming Manufacturing series, we were extremely excited to sit down with Allison Grealis, President and Founding Member of Women In Manufacturing – a 5,300+ member (and growing every day!) trade association committed to supporting, promoting, and inspiring women who have selected careers in manufacturing. The organization works with […]

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