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Electric Vehicles


From Electric Vehicles to Racecar Crashes: The Fascinating Story of Nick Grewal, CEO and President of ePropelled

Nick Grewal is the CEO and President of startup ePropelled, which originated in May 2018 and designs and manufactures electric propulsion motor systems and drives – with a focus on the Electric Vehicle, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Water Pump markets. Grewal is an experienced technology entrepreneur and investor in over 40 high-tech companies. DeanHouston+ […]



HeroWear Apex Exosuit Reduces Risk of Back Pain in New CNET Video

With millions of Americans relying on the health of their backs to put food on the table each day,  Andy Altman, Senior Producer with CNET, teamed up with HeroWear to help show how the Apex exosuit can help reduce back strain to prevent injuries. Click here to watch the CNET video. The HeroWear Apex is […]

COVID-19 Vaccine


Quattroflow Featured for Helping Produce the COVID-19 Vaccine

At DeanHouston+, we’re proud to be working with companies that are helping bring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes long-time client Quattroflow, a product brand within PSG, who was recently featured in a new video (which appeared on TIME Magazine’s website) for its role in providing biopharma companies like BioNTech with the single-use […]

Cache Creek Podcast


INSPIRE Leadership: Dean Douglas | Culture Breaks Down Barriers to Growth

In the first episode of our Executive series, we had the pleasure to sit down with Dean Douglas, Partner at Cache Creek Industries. During the episode, we chat with Dean about his extensive experience in executive roles within companies like Dover Corporation while discussing the importance and impact of building a company culture. Along the […]

Inbound vs Outbound

Content Marketing, Inspire, Strategic Marketing

Outbound vs Inbound: What Strategy Is Best For You?

Pepsi or Coke? Superman or Batman? Bud Light or Miller Lite? Star Wars or Star Trek? When it comes to these questions, everyone has an opinion. But where do you stand on outbound or inbound marketing? To help you determine which strategy is best for you, you’ll need to understand the basic differences between inbound […]

Marketing Wish List

Branding, Inspire, Strategic Marketing

6 Tips for Turning a Wish List into a Marketing Strategy

Do you ever find yourself with a wish list of things you’d like to achieve, but no direction on how to get there? You’re hoping good things will happen even though there is no planning or strategy behind it. With no marketing strategy for your business in place, you run the risk of becoming directionless, […]

Technical Documents

Content Marketing, Inspire, Technical Communications

Information Overload: Overwhelming Your Customers With Technical Documents

It’s a fact that good technical documents can be an asset to your business, especially when dealing with complex technical products. But on the flip side, overloading your customers with technical documents can be bad for business. So, are your technical communications making a good first impression with potential customers or are you just scaring […]

Social Media


INSPIRE Podcast: Episode 22 | Carter Hostelley – Turning B2B Executives into Market Influencers

In part two of the latest episode of DH+ INSPIRE Podcast, we sit down with Carter Hostelley, the CEO of Leadtail. During this episode, we discuss Carter’s impressive and extensive background while chatting about his progression in the B2B social media and marketing industry – including what drew him to the industry and why he […]


Content Marketing, Inspire, Social Media

3 Ways to Build Your Business with LinkedIn

Social media news is often centered on Facebook data collection or Instagram influencers, but some of the most important brand engagement is happening on a different, fast-growing platform. LinkedIn has become much more than a tool for job searching and recruiting. Content from thought leaders and meaningful conversations between all kinds of professionals have made […]

Event Planning

Event Planning & Management, Inspire, Trade Show

Can’t Miss Tips for Successful Event Planning

Events are a lot of fun, but they’re also a lot of work! Whether you’re arranging a small meeting or organizing a massive 1,000+ attendee event that requires months of preparation, it’s easy to get overwhelmed once you start diving into the details. It’s a given that you’ll need to be an excellent multi-tasker with […]

Influencer Marketing


INSPIRE Podcast: Episode 21 | Carter Hostelley – Importance of Influencer Marketing Part 1

In this episode of DH+ INSPIRE Podcast, we had the pleasure to sit down with Carter Hostelley, the CEO of Leadtail. During part 1 of this episode, we discuss Carter’s impressive and extensive background while chatting about his progression in the B2B social media and marketing industry – including what drew him to the industry […]

Value Proposition

Branding, Inspire

Is There Value In Revisiting A Brand’s Value Proposition?

All companies understand the value of a well-thought-out brand value proposition and the roles and functions it serves. A lot of focused, thoughtful effort goes into creating a value proposition. An effective one will succinctly capture the most valuable and meaningful brand promise and, consequently, how best to develop the most motivating brand strategy – […]

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