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PRESS RELEASE: Integrated B2B Marketing Communications Firm DeanHouston Relocates California Office to City of Rancho Cucamonga

CINCINNATI, OH – April 3, 2018 – DeanHouston, Inc., a leading business-to-business integrated marketing communications firm, is proud to announce that to accommodate the growth of its California operations, it is moving its Ontario, CA, office to a larger facility located in the nearby city of Rancho Cucamonga. The new office is situated near the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, about 40 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, and a short distance from the Ontario International Airport. DeanHouston West, to which this office is commonly referred, began operations at the beginning of 2012.

Technical Communications

Seeing Is Believing: The Value Of Visuals In Tech Writing

Think a picture isn’t really worth (at least) a thousand words? Then you haven’t had the pleasure of setting up an Apple iMac computer. When designing the machine, the company’s engineers found a way to make its setup so simple and user-friendly that only a few minor visual aids are required to get the computer up and running. This not only eases strain and eliminates potential headaches for the user, it solves the language barriers that could plague a company that sells its products around the globe.

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Content Marketing, Strategic Marketing

Pillar Pages and Topic Clusters: The Content Strategy Equivalent of Binge Watching

By now, most people are familiar with the phenomenon known as “binge watching.” For those who aren’t, binge watching refers to consuming digital video content in mass quantities via the Internet or various streaming services.

Social Media, Strategic Marketing

‘Cincinnati Business Courier’ Taps DH+ for Super Bowl Ad Analysis

Alexa lost her voice. Morgan Freeman rapped to Missy Elliott. And the Old Spice Guy returned (for Tide). The ‘Cincinnati Business Courier’ broke down the big game’s best and worst ads with a little help from advertising pros including content manager Andrew Yunker.

Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Visual Marketing

3 Examples of How Virtual Reality Can Supercharge Your Sales Funnel

When executed thoughtfully, virtual reality (VR) campaigns and trade shows are a match uniquely suited for B2B marketing in the digital age. Trade shows are a great showcase for new technologies. VR is one such technology that provides an especially powerful visual medium experience that resonates with users long after they have taken off the headset. Looking for a way to connect with millennials and Generation Z? VR might be the ticket. Together, VR and trade shows are a sum greater than their parts.

Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Visual Marketing

3 Recommendations to Receive Real ROI with Virtual Reality in B2B (Part One of Two)

It’s easy to see why virtual reality (VR) has ascended as a leading brand showcase tool in B2C consumer marketing: It’s fun. It’s innovative. It’s powerful. But the potential of this visual marketing medium may be even greater in the B2B space. The key to maximizing that potential is establishing a strong foundation that virtually guarantees a strong ROI for your VR initiative.

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Technical Communications

Take Note: The 5 Principles of Technical Communications

At the heart of manufacturing, technical documentation is the foundation for every step, every stage and every process. What is technical documentation? In its most basic definition, it is tech-related content and form. In reality, it’s a little more complicated than that.

Knowing Your Audience

Technical Communications

Knowing Your Audience: Which Document is the Right Document

First, let’s confront the most fundamental questions that must be considered before the process of technical-documentation creation can begin. Is this document effective? Does it communicate the information clearly and concisely?

Revisiting a Brand


There’s Value In Revisiting A Brand’s Value Proposition

The Cincinnati-based company is a global leader in developing fluid-handling, management, monitoring and control solutions that propagate the safe and efficient handling of petroleum- and chemical-based fluids from the refinery and production plant to commercial and retail points of consumption.

No Crying In Baseball

Strategic Marketing

There’s No Crying in Baseball… or Marketing

Playyyyy ballllll! Two words I’ve heard yelled across the ball field time and time again. Playing and coaching softball for over 20 years has taught me a lot about life. Like, the number of hotdogs you can eat before a game without throwing up.

WordPress is Winning


WordPress is Winning (Still)

Developers said WordPress suffered from bloat. Years of open-source additions and requirements of backward compatibility resulted in a mishmash of dead plugins and cumbersome code. Security was also typically discussed at this point.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

6 Questions to Answer If You Are Considering Marketing Automation: Part 4

One-size-fits-all marketing strategies carried over from B2C seldom translate in the niche world of B2B. Therefore, pursuing communications tools shown to grow sales is an essential part of a cost-effective B2B marketing plan.

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